Radio Africa Kitchen, another great café opening nearby….March 1st!

Chef Eskender Aseged, the food innovator and owner of Radio Africa Kitchen, toured us through his new space at 4800 Third, down the street from our 5800 Third condominiums, and said he’s opening around March 1. Wow!  The exact opening will be announced on his website soon, click here to see if it’s posted.  That’s big news, both for him and the Bayview, and has been rumored for months. With the interiors nearly done and the window-covers coming off, you can see “it’s real.”  Chef Eskender has already built a strong following from his peripatetic pop-up cafes that you’d have to track down ahead of time.  Lots have, including food writers at the SF Chronicle, NY Times and others who’ve raved and yelped and blogged all about it.


Reflecting his origins in Ethiopia, Chef Eskender focuses on offering a seasonal, nutritionally well-balanced meal that always includes organic vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish and fruit, accompanied by fine herbs and spices. But why, do you ask, is a café called Radio Africa?   As he was growing up, there were few outlets for popular music and sports except for the households that might have a radio which immediately made that house – that kitchen — one of the centers of life in the neighborhood.  Chef Eskender offers inventive, wonderful food and now with his first café, RAK aims to offer a similar center of activity and neighborliness he grew up with.

Nice to have another great café in walking distance, and another reason to live at 5800 Third’s spacious and welcoming condominiums. Living at 5800 Third is getting to be such an easy choice! A growing number of cafes – adding to our own Limon that’s busy as can be, and Brown Sugar Kitchen coming soon.  With ground-floor grocer Fresh & Easy, what more could you need?  Call our sales team, 415-822-3800, or register on our website,, to see just how spacious the homes are, with so much more dollar-for-dollar than just about anywhere.